Viral Conjunctivitis (non-EKC)

Viral Conjunctivitis (non-EKC)
SYMPTOMS Tearing | Itch | Discomfort | Blurry vision
SIGNS Conjunctival injection | Follicles | Chemosis | Tearing | Preauricular lymphadenopathy
WORK-UP Thorough history. Slit lamp examination
TREATMENT Observation, preservative-free artificial tears, cool compresses | While steroids may prolong the infectious period, they are often used clinically to alleviate symptoms - Pred Forte 1% or Lotemax 1 gtt OU qid x 1 wk
FOLLOW-UP 1 week during treatment
ETIOLOGY Usually adenovirus
DIFFERENTIAL DX Allergic conjunctivitis | VKC | Dry eye syndrome
NOTES Ask about recent upper respiratory infections or illnesses | True viral conjunctivitis is usually self-limited | Patients should take extra care of exposure and hygiene due to the contagious nature of viral conjunctivitis.