Sclerochoroidal Calcification

Sclerochoroidal Calcification
SYMPTOMS Asymptomatic
SIGNS Typically bilateral
Multiple yellow placoid lesions typically posterior to the equator and in the superior temporal quadrant
WORK-UP Full eye exam with dilation | OCT | Fundus autofluorescence | Fluorescein angiography | ICG | Fundus photos | Infrared photos | B-scan ultrasound (Highly reflective even with reduction in gain, and associated posterior shadowing)
TREATMENT No treatment needed. Monitor
Refer to PCP to rule out systemic associations (Hyperparathyroidism, Chronic renal failure, Sarcoidosis)
FOLLOW-UP Monitor in 1 year
ADDITIONAL LAB | TESTS Serum and urine levels of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium
ETIOLOGY Deposition of calcium primarily in the sclera which leads to choroidal compression and subsequent outer retina atrophy. Usually idiopathic
DIFFERENTIAL DX Choroidal osteoma, Metastatic choroidal tumor, Choroidal amelanotic melanoma, Astrocytic hamartoma