Iris melanoma

Iris melanoma
SYMPTOMS No symptoms
SIGNS Raised iris lesion, diffuse or circumscribed, pigmented or nonpigmented | Feeder vessel | Possible IOP increase | Possible hyphema
WORK-UP Thorough history | Slit lamp examination | DFE | Gonioscopy | UBM (gold standard) or AS-OCT to image lesion
TREATMENT Close observation (every few months) | Surgical resection with biopsy | Enucleation
FOLLOW-UP Every few months
ADDITIONAL LAB | TESTS Gonioscopy | UBM (gold standard) | AS-OCT
ETIOLOGY Unknown | Questionable association with UV exposure
DIFFERENTIAL DX Iris nevus | Iris cyst | Iris melanocytosis | Iris melanocytoma
NOTES More common in caucasians and in the inferior portion of the iris