Iris cyst

Iris cyst
SYMPTOMS No symptoms
SIGNS Raised iris lesion may appear dark without demonstrating transillumination or clear with transillumination
WORK-UP Thorough history and slit lamp examination | UBM (gold standard) or AS-OCT to image lesion
TREATMENT Observation with photodocumentation and/or UBM | Laser treatment (photodisruption and photocoagulation) or surgical excision may be indicated in more advanced cases
FOLLOW-UP Frequent follow-ups are rarely necessary.
ETIOLOGY Usually idiopathic | Secondary iris cysts may be caused by trauma or surgery
DIFFERENTIAL DX Iris nevus | Iris melanoma | Iris melanocytosis | Iris melanocytoma
NOTES Iris cysts can come in the iris pigment epithelial form or iris stromal form