Interstitial Keratitis (IK)

Interstitial Keratitis (IK)
SYMPTOMS Pain | Photophobia | Blurry vision
SIGNS Stromal edema, opacification, and neovascularization | Anterior chamber cells/flare
WORK-UP Thorough history, slit lamp examination, dilated fundus exam
Treat underlying disease | A corneal transplant may be indicated in cases of severe corneal scarring and poor vision.
Topical steroids: Pred Forte 1% 1 gtt q2h-q6h | Lotemax 1 gtt q2h-q6h
FOLLOW-UP Every few days
ADDITIONAL LAB | TESTS Testing to rule out potential etiology. For example, VDRL, RPR, or FTA-ABS for syphilis | PPD or IGRA for tuberculosis
ETIOLOGY A number of diseases can cause IK, including: Syphilis | Cogan syndrome | Herpes virus | Tuberculosis
DIFFERENTIAL DX Corneal scar | Herpes zoster ophthalmicus
NOTES Topical steroids should be tapered slowly