Exposure Keratopathy

Exposure Keratopathy
SYMPTOMS Tearing | Foreign body sensation | Pain | Intermittent blurry vision | Usually worse in the morning
SIGNS Injection | Incomplete/partial blinking | Punctate epitheliopathy in the lower portion of the cornea | Possible ulceration
WORK-UP Thorough history. Slit lamp examination with NaFl dye
TREATMENT Frequent preservative-free artificial tears | Lubricating gel/ointment at night | Punctal plugs | Bandage contact lenses | Amniotic membrane | Lid surgery
FOLLOW-UP Every couple of days if severe | Every 1-2 weeks if mild
ETIOLOGY A number of causes may lead to EK, including: Bell’s Palsy | Ectropion | Lagophthalmos | Surgery | Proptosis
DIFFERENTIAL DX Dry eye syndrome | Blepharitis | Punctate epitheliopathy
NOTES In severe cases, EK may lead to corneal ulceration, scarring, and vision loss