Dark Without Pressure

Dark Without Pressure
SYMPTOMS Asymptomatic
SIGNS Dark area of the retina (especially when compared to the surrounding retina) with well-defined margins
WORK-UP Full eye exam with dilated retinal exam, Scleral depression, Peripheral 90D, Gonioscopy 3-mirror (using retina mirrors)
TREATMENT No treatment is needed and retina needs to be monitored
FOLLOW-UP See patient back in 12 months
ETIOLOGY Etiology is unclear but thought to be an optical phenomenon or reflex produced by variable densities of photopigment in the outer retina
DIFFERENTIAL DX Retinal detachment, Retinal tear
NOTES Can change shape and look different from year to year
Dark Without Pressure: Retinal photo demonstrating an area of dark without pressure https://www.retinalphysician.com/issues/2016/june-2016/multimodal-imaging-redefining-retinal-disease-wit