Conjunctival Nevus

Conjunctival Nevus
SYMPTOMS No symptoms
SIGNS Pigmented lesion on the bulbar conjunctiva (rarely on the palpebral conjunctiva) | Usually flat and brown (but can be amelanotic or pink-ish)
WORK-UP Thorough history and slit lamp examination. Consider baseline anterior segment photos.
TREATMENT Observation with photodocumentation | Suspicious lesions may warrant biopsy
FOLLOW-UP Annually to assess for malignancy risk
ADDITIONAL LAB | TESTS Consider biopsy for suspicious lesions
ETIOLOGY Congenital
DIFFERENTIAL DX Primary acquired melanosis | Malignant melanoma | Oculodermal melanocytosis
NOTES The amount of pigmentation in a conjunctival nevus can change with time | Rarely, a melanoma can develop from a nevus.