Asteroid Hyalosis

Asteroid Hyalosis
SYMPTOMS Typically asymptomatic
SIGNS Multiple yellowish deposits floating in the vitreous
WORK-UP Slit lamp examination, Dilated retinal exam, B-scan ultrasound (if unable to view the retina if the asteroid hyalosis is too dense)
TREATMENT Monitor. No treatment needed
FOLLOW-UP Patient should be seen back in 1 year for a full dilated eye exam
ADDITIONAL LAB | TESTS None (There is a weak/controversial association with diabetes)
ETIOLOGY Deposits are associated with calcium and aging
DIFFERENTIAL DX Vitritis, Vitreous hemorrhage, Synchysis scintillans
NOTES The deposits in the vitreous have a more whitish appearance once the natural lens is removed
Asteroid Hyalosis: B-scan ultrasound of asteroid hyalosis